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Catering Bowls

Enamelware Taupe Swirl Catering Bowl or Serving Bowl

Golden Rabbit 5 quart enamelware Taupe Swirl Catering Bowl with stainless steel rim. Holds 6 quarts (to the rim). It has a 13.5" diameter and stands 4" high. Make the perfect presentation in this attractive low profile, open serving bowl.
Made from carbon steel coated with porcelain enamel in a two coat process that results in a slightly textured surface. This hand finished process means that each piece varies in patterns and color coverage, making each piece unique! Dishwasher and oven safe. Easy clean up, comparable to glass. Do not soak. Enamelware is naturally non-stick and washes up with little effort. Do not use abrasives or scratch pads.


Model: TP18

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